Key Features

ICON grid

Plot unstructured grids

The 2D plot methods support the visualization of unstructured grids, such as the ICON model or the UGRID conventions.

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plot methods

Flexible plot methods

We already have many plugins with many many format options in existing plugins to flexibly visualize your data.

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Usage in Scripts

Our standard is command-line first! psyplot offers a rich, flexible and simple framework to generate high-level APIs to be used in python scripts.

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psy-view screenshot

ncview-like Interface

Inspired by the popular ncview software, we designed a simple and intuitive application to open netCDF files (and more), psy-view.

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psyplot GUI

Graphical User Interface

You cannot only easily use psyplot from scripts, it comes with a flexible graphical user interface to interactively explore your data .

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psyplot framework

Flexible framework

The psyplot framework is built for flexibility to tackle the different types of analysis questions that arise in pioneering research, and to continuously add more features.

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psyplot is the core package that defines the framework and data management. It provides the functionalities to decode CF- and UGRID- Conventions, the main API in the psyplot.project module.




psy-simple is a plugin for psyplot that defines various plot methods for the visualization of 1D- and 2D-data. It is the basis for more specialized plugins, such as psy-maps and psy-reg.




psy-maps is extends the functionalities of psy-simple using cartopy. With psy-maps, you can use plot methods to visualize regular and unstructured data on a map.


psyplot GUI


psyplot-gui is building a GUI upon the psyplot framework for interactive analysis. Among many other features, it contains an in-process terminal, a help-explorer and tools to change the plots and project contents.


psy-view widget


psy-view provides a standalone widget for a simple investigation of netCDF file contents. Just like ncview it can be started as a standalone application, but is also embedded in the general psyplot GUI. It extends the functionalities of ncview with nicer, and more functional plotting methods.


regression fits


psy-reg is a plugin built-upon psy-simple, statsmodels and scipy to fit regression models to your data.


Open Science

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All packages are open-source, freely available, and developped transparently. Install it via pip or conda, or get the source code on GitHub.



We are always looking for contributors providing new plugins, format options, code snippets, etc.! The developers guide provide some general background on the framework. We are looking forward to your PR in one of our repositories on Github, or transform your code-snippets into format options if you post them in a new issue.

We kindly ask you to adhere to the code of conduct. Feel free to checkout our contribution guide for more information, and a guide about good bug reports.

Get in touch

If you are looking for a specific feature or have troubles with visualizing certain files, please, do get in touch with the psyplot developers via one of the following channels: