Compatibility fixes for scipy and matplotlib


  • Add compatibility fixes for scipy 1.14, see !74 <>

  • Add compatibility fixes for matplotlib 3.9, see !76 <>


Compatibility fixes, cli improvements and code formatting


  • migrate to python-package-template, see merge request !60

  • implement custom warning handling, see merge request !61

  • fallback to nearest index when not found, see merge request !62

  • improve guessing of coordinates based on their names, see merge request !63

  • Fix enhanced attrs, see merge request !66

  • minor fix for matplotlib 3.8 compatibility, see merge request !68

  • implement ci-matrix for different python and mpl versions, see merge request !69

  • Update plugin guide, see merge request !71


  • Add metadata info, see merge request !64, !65

  • improve cli yaml options, see merge request !67


Minor fix for grid files (#53)


Fix for compatibility with python 3.7


  • plugin entrypoint compatibility fix for python 3.7 (#47)

  • ignore SNF links in linkcheck (#49)

  • Replace gitter with mattermost (#45)


Compatibility fixes and minor improvements


  • An abstract convert_coordinate method has been implemented for the Plotter and Formatoption class that can be used in subclasses to convert coordinates for the required visualization. The default implementation does nothing (see #39)


  • the update method now only takes the coordinates that are dimensions in the dataset see #39

  • psyplot is now compatible with matplotlib 3.5 and python 3.10


  • loading more than one variables into a DataArray now first selects the corresponding dimensions, then puts it into a single DataArray. This avoids loading the entire data (see #39)


Compatibility fixes and LGPL license


  • psyplot is now compatible with 0.18



  • psyplot is now officially licensed under LGPL-3.0-only, see #33

  • the lower bound for supported xarray versions is now 0.17.

  • project files do not store the Store anymore as this information cannot be gathered from xarray 0.18. We now rely on xarray to automatically find the engine to open the files.

  • Documentation is now hosted with Github Pages at Redirects from the old documentation at have been configured.

  • Examples have been removed from the psyplot repository as they now live in a central place at

  • We use CicleCI now for a standardized CI/CD pipeline to build and test the code and docs all at one place, see #32



  • The get_xname-like methods of the decoder have been fixed if they get a variable without any dimensions. See #30



  • 3D bounds of coordinate are not interpreted as unstructured anymore (see 660c703


New repository, presets and compatibility fixes


  • You can now save and load presets for the formatoptions of a project which applies the formatoptions that you stored in a file to a specific plot method, see #24

  • the rcParams do now have a catch method that allows a temporary change of formatoptions.


    rcParams['some_key'] = 0
    with rcParams.catch():
        rcParams['some_key'] = 1
        assert rcParams['some_key'] == 1
    assert rcParams['some_key'] == 0
  • ArrayList.from_dataset (and consecutively all plotmethods) now support different input types for the decoder. You can pass an instance of the CFDecoder class, a sub class of CFDecoder, or keyword arguments that are used to initialize the decoder, see #20. Furthermore, the check_data method of the various plotmethods now also accept a decoder parameter, see #22

  • now decodes grid_mappings attributes, see #17

  • psyplot projects now support the with syntax, e.g. something like:

    with psy.plot.mapplot('') as sp:

    sp will be closed automatically (see #18)

  • the update to variables with other dimensions works now as well (see #22)

  • a psyplot.project.Project now has a new format_string method to format a string with the meta attributes of the data in the projects

  • The ArrayList class now supports filtering by formatoption keys. You can filter for plotters that have a cmap formatoption via:

    sp1 = psy.plot.mapplot(ds)
    sp2 = psy.plot.lineplot(ds)
    full_sp = sp1 + sp2
    full_sp(fmts='cmap')  # gives equivalent results as addressing sp1 directly


  • psyplot has been moved from to, see #16

  • Specifying names in x, y, t and z attributes of the CFDecoder class now means that any other attribute (such as the coordinates or axis attribute) are ignored

  • If a given variable cannot be found in the provided coords to CFDecoder.get_variable_by_axis, we fall back to the CFDecoder.ds.coords attribute, see #19

  • A bug has been fixed for initializing a CFDecoder with x, y, z and t parameters (see #20)


This patch fixes compatibility issues with xarray 0.12 and cdo 1.5. Additionally we now officially drop support for python 2.7.



  • The psyplot.plotter.Plotter.initialize_plot method now takes a priority keyword to only initialize only formatoptions of a certain priority


  • The installers from the psyplot-conda repositories have been depreceated. Instead, now download the latest miniconda and install psyplot and the plugins via conda install -c conda-forge psy-maps psyplot-gui psy-reg


  • We generalized the handling of unstructured data as lined out in issue#6. The new method returns the coordinates of the nodes for a given grid cell. These informations are used by the psy-simple and psy-maps plugins for displaying any unstructured data. See also the example on the visualization of unstructured grids

  • We removed the inplace parameter for the CFDecoder methods since it is deprecated with xarray 0.12 (see issue #8). The CFDecoder.decode_ds method now always decodes inplace


This new release mainly adds new xarray accossors (psy) for DataArrays and Datasets. Additionally we provide methods to calculate the spatially weighted mean, such as fldmean, fldstd and fldpctl.


  • The yaxis_inverted and xaxis_inverted is now considered when loading and saving a matplotlib axes

  • Added the seaborn-style command line argument

  • Added the concat_dim command line argument

  • Added the plot attribute to the DataArray and Dataset accessors. It is now possible to plot directly from the dataset and the data array

  • Added requires_replot attribute for the Formatoption class. If this attribute is True and the formatoption is contained in an update, it is the same as calling Plotter.update(replot=True)).

  • We added support for multifile datasets when saving a project. Multifile datasets are datasets that have been opened with, e.g. or psyplot.project.plot.<plotmethod>(..., mfmode=True). This however does not always work with datasets opened with xarray.open_mfdataset. In these cases, you have to set the Dataset.psy._concat_dim attribute manually

  • Added the chname parameter when loading a project. This parameter can be used to display another variable from the dataset than the one stored in the psyplot project file

  • Added the gridweights, fldmean, fldstd and fldpctl methods to the psy DataArray accessor to calculate weighted means, standard deviations and percentiles over the spatial dimensions (x- and y).

  • Added the additional_children and additional_dependencies parameters to the Formatoption intialization. These parameters can be used to provide additional children for a formatoption for one plotter class

  • We added the psyplot.plotter.Formatoption.get_fmt_widget method which can be implemented to insert widgets in the formatoptions widget of the graphical user interface



  • Changelog


  • When creating new plots using the psyplot.project.Project.plot attribute, scp for the newly created subproject is only called when the corresponding Project is the current main project (gcp(True))

  • The alternate_paths keyword in the psyplot.project.Project.save_project and methods has been changed to alternative_paths

  • The psyplot.project.Cdo class does not accept any of the keywords returnDA, returnMaps or returnLine anymore. Instead it takes the plot_method keyword and several others.

  • The psyplot.project.close method by default now removes the data from the current project and closes attached datasets

  • The modules in the psyplot.plotter modules have been moved to separate packages to make the debugging and testing easier

    • The psyplot.plotter.simple, baseplotter and colors modules have been moved to the psy-simple package

    • The psyplot.plotter.maps and boxes modules have been moved to the psy-maps package

    • The psyplot.plotter.linreg module has been moved to the psy-reg package

  • The endings of the yaml configuration files are now all .yml. Hence,

    • the configuration file name is now psyplotrc.yml instead of psyplotrc.yaml

    • the default logging configuration file name is now logging.yml instead of logging.yaml

  • Under osx, the configuration directory is now also expected to be in $HOME/.config/psyplot (as it is for linux)